Ebenezer In The Early Days

Ebenezer was started, with the help of some dear friends from Sweden, as a Feeding Program under a tree in 2001. Here are some pictures from the “Early Days”.

Ebenezer Village

Ebenezer Village is a wonderful place to call home and the children have everything they need - comfortable housing, playground equipment, food & clothing and caring House Mothers. Spare time is spent practising computer skills, listening to a program featuring Ebenezer on Mosi O Tunya Radio and practising musical skills. Ebenezer's faithful gardener, Gift, is always working hard to maintain the landscaping and many fruit trees. Our latest photos show the Chapel at Ebenezer which was completed in July of 2012.

Ebenezer School

Here is a glance at Ebenezer School - from the loving handprints placed by the children on the outside wall, to the welcoming school interior. It is not unusual for our many donors to pay a visit to our 323 children throughout the year. These children pay nothing to go to Ebenezer but receive all they need, including two meals a day.

Ebenezer Farm

Some of the children at Ebenezer - cheerfully unloading the latest arrival of fruit and produce from the farm. This harvest included fresh lemons, oranges, eggplants and rape which will all enhance the children's daily nutritional diet. Ranji likes to keep a close watch on the activities at the farm and to work closely with the staff. Some of our pictures include maize fields, trees in the orchard and our last crop of eggplants. Ranji will also have an interesting story to tell you of the special Tabasco Peppers she likes to grow. Let's just say that the local elephants do not like them at all !!

Homes Our Children Come From

The above pictures show some of the grandparents who are raising children in our school - also some of the homes the children come from. Ebenezer tries to keep in touch with these families and to assist whenever possible.

Emmanuel And Imelda's Story

Emmanuel and Imelda lost their father as young kids and their mother went to the village leaving them with her teenage daughter in a house that is just about crumbling down. This daughter does not have regular employment and is in a destitute situation where she is perhaps vulnerable to men who are looking for short term enjoyment. She was unable to provide a living for herself, her one year old child and her siblings. Imelda came to Ebenezer Trust School and you could see hunger and hopelessness in her eyes. Leah visited the family and she just couldn't bear to see the starvation and the conditions they lived in and she recommended that we take both Imelda and Emmanuel into Ebenezer Children's Village. Their sister and her baby still live in the same house.

Matthew's Story

While visiting Imelda and Emmanuel, Leah also came across this young man, Matthew, who lived in a thatched house that was close to collapsing. He lived there with his little sisters after his father's death. We featured Matthew and his family in one of our newsletters last year and, thanks be to God for the response of some dear people in Canada and Botswana, we were able to build them a solid one bedroom house (see the fourth picture) for which they are very grateful.