Our Co-Founders


Mrs. Ranji Chara

Co-Founders & President

Jeevani Perera

Co-Founders & Executive Director

The Co-Founders of Ebenezer Child Care Trust are, President and Executive Director Mrs. Ranji Chara and her daughter Jeevani Perera.

Commonly known as “the Charas”, the Charavanapavan family came into Zambia in 1982. Dr. Charavanapavan, a medical doctor, came with his family to take up employment after being selected by a team of Zambian doctors who came to Sri-Lanka where they were living.

Mrs. Chara, a Sunday School teacher, joined the Sunday School department in whichever town her husband was posted to, since she always had a passion to work with children.

In 1994, the Charas moved to Botswana for 7 years to educate their two children. In February 2001, the family moved back to Zambia, following a strong calling to begin working with the children in Livingstone. This was a great step of faith since Mrs. Chara didn’t know any funding organizations or anyone who could help her. Miraculously many doors were opened and the Charas received the assistance of some faithful friends from Sweden. Dr. and Mrs. Chara went in their Isuzu pick-up car every morning into the streets of Livingstone, and picked up children who were sleeping on the streets and eating from dustbins, and brought them to their church premises. The children were given a hot meal, and soap & water to bathe . . . . and so the work of Ebenezer Child Care Trust began . . . . .

Ebenezer was first helped financially by some friends in Sweden, and as the money kept coming in, more and more children were fed and sent to school. A few months later Mrs. Chara rented out the first “children’s home” and it wasn’t long before they had three homes (one for girls and two for boys). As the work began to grow there was need for structural planning.

Jeevani had originally come along with the Charas when they relocated back to Zambia in 2001. Her intention was to help with the move and get back to Botswana where she had applied for a job. She soon found out that God had other plans for her and she stayed back to assist in the intial set up of Ebnezer. Being an Accountant, Jeevani was the brains behind all the initial organization that needed to be done in setting up, writing the Constitution, making budgets, writing small project proposals and doing much of the hard work needed in the early days. A Board of Directors were chosen and Ebenezer was Registered as a charitable organization on the 5th of September, 2002.

What was initially started by two women, by the Grace of God, has grown with the help of many nations – Africa, America, Asia, Australia, Canada, UK, Sri-Lanka and Sweden.


Board of Directors

The Board of Directors consists of long-standing friends, and prayer partners who believe in this vision. They have seen the vision start from nothing and grow to what it is now. They believe this is the work of God and are a great strength to the work of Ebenezer

Dr. Chara Is The Visiting Physician

Dr. Chara is the visiting Physician for Ebenezer Child Care Trust. He always finds the time to attend to a sick child although he has a heavy Government schedule. His help to the sick is invaluable.