Projects Requiring Funding


In 2009 Ebenezer purchased 40 acres of land that is deemed to be very fertile. Presently, only one tenth of the land has been cleared to produce food products for the Orphanage and School. We are currently seeking additional funds to increase the productivity of the farm. With entire usage of the land, the crop yield will be much greater. The farm upgrade also includes a plan to increase the variety of livestock currently being raised. With increased productivity, in addition to the children receiving a more nutritional diet, more food products can be sold to raise funds for the betterment of the programs at the orphanage and school.

While the children of the orphanage and the school will benefit from these funds, the adult employees of the organization who come from disadvantaged homes will also receive a more nutritional diet. Many of our women employees are widows and come from impoverished townships. The extra funds would also assist over 25 families the school has identified who are living in extremely poor conditions.


Ebenezer Primary School currently educates children from grades zero to seven. These children come from the neighbouring Townships, as well as the Ebenezer Orphanage. It is Ebenezer Child Care Trust’s wish to see these students through to the next level of schooling by building a Secondary School, teaching grades eight to twelve. Ebenezer Child Care Trust currently owns 5 acres of land just down the road from Ebenezer Village.

Ebenezer hopes to build a Secondary School and a skills training college together with the intention of training them in a skill of their choice so as to better equip to face the future. At present it is very difficult for the Grade 12 school leaver to find employment unless they have further training.


Ebenezer hopes to expand the Secondary School to include teaching children local trades in order to enable them to find a job and support themselves as adults. It is Ebenezer’s plan to include the following trades in this school: Agriculture, Carpentry, Computer Technology, Electrical, Fabric Weaving, Music, Sewing and Welding. It is Ebenezer’s belief that future graduates of this trade school will be the recipients of a well rounded program and will be better able to meet the needs of their community.


Once the Trade School is established it is the desire of Ebenezer to develop a row of shops where products made by the students can be sold. This will enable a further level of training to the students and provide them with experience in the retail business, as well as generate another level of income for Ebenezer.

Projects Underway

During Construction of Chapel
After Completion of Chapel


Our 112 square metre (1,170 square foot) Chapel was completed in July of 2012 . . . . . Here’s how it all came about:

Ebenezer has many well-wishers who are moved to do something that will make a difference to the lives of our children. People do many wonderful things for us, like sending clothes, shoes, school supplies, baby supplies, baby knits & blankets and untold blessings that never end.

Esther Murray, who had been one of our faithful helpers, recently lost her dear husband. Her husband, John, could not accompany her the few times she visited us but after hearing so many accounts of Ebenezer from his wife he longed he could be here one day. Unfortunately that was never to be !

So Esther decided to ask her friends, familiy and business partners to give a contribution towards building a Chapel for our children instead of flowers for his funeral. She helped us build this wonderful Chapel in his memory – a tribute to John Murray, a dear friend of Ebenezer !

God bless dear Esther and her family; our chapel is being used every day for Sunday services and weekly meetings. What a great blessing it is to us and the children who just love to be there.


Landscaping in front of Administration Building is always being updated by Ebenezer’s faithful gardener, Gift. He is currently building pathways from left over bricks which are on the property.

Projects Completed


Board of Directors was chosen / Ebenezer Child Care Trust was registered as a charitable organization.


Ebenezer School was opened.


Ebenezer purchased some land from the Government and started to build Ebenezer Village


Boys and Girls Homes were completed.


Babies Home was completed. Banana Grove / Fruit Trees were planted.


New Administration Building was completed. Duck Pond was added.


Chapel Completed.